All Over Your Body

Watch online All Over Your Body Xwife Karen & Bruce Venture Brazzers named scene is out by Brazzers.

Inked darling Xwife Karen gets Bruce Ventura an erotic and loosening up knead by sliding all around his body, nuru style. In the wake of drenching her white shirt sheer with oil, she grates her hot body against Bruce’s until she strips exposed and utilizes her uncovered tits to relieve her client. Karen needs something other than that however and before long oils up Bruce’s dick and gives him a footjob… before he gives her a hard fucking!

All Over Your Body Xwife Karen Bruce Venture Brazzers

All Over Your Body Xwife Karen & Bruce Venture Brazzers

It had been five years since Karen and Bruce had signed their divorce papers. The love that once existed between them was now a distant memory, as they had both moved on with their lives. Karen had remarried to a wealthy businessman while Bruce had focused on his career as a well-known architect. However, little did they know that fate had a different plan in store for them.

Karen had always been a high maintenance woman, who loved to flaunt her wealth and beauty. Her new husband, Mark, was no different. He showered her with expensive gifts, but there was one thing he could not fulfill – her wildest sexual desires. Karen craved for passion, something which she had never found with her ex-husband, Bruce.

On the other hand, Bruce had never really gotten over Karen. He had buried himself in work, but there were times when he still found himself thinking about her. He never thought he would see her again, until one day, he received a call from her lawyer.

‘Hello, Bruce. It’s Karen’s lawyer here. I know it’s been a while, but she needs to talk to you urgently. Can you come to her house today?’ the lawyer said in a serious tone.

Bruce was hesitant at first, but curiosity got the better of him. He agreed to meet Karen at her house that evening.

As he walked into her lavish house, Bruce couldn’t help but notice the expensive furniture and artwork. Karen greeted him with a glass of wine, looking stunning as ever.

All Over Your Body Xwife Karen Brazzers

‘Thanks for coming, Bruce. I know it has been a long time since we last talked,’ Karen said, breaking the awkward silence.

‘I’m just curious, why did you want to meet me after all this time?’ Bruce asked, unable to hide the curiosity in his voice.

Karen hesitated for a moment before speaking. ‘I need your help, Bruce. My body needs you,’ she said, looking directly into his eyes.

Bruce was taken aback by her words. He didn’t know what to say, but his heart started racing with excitement. He had always fantasized about Karen, and now she was asking for his help.

‘It’s not what you think, Bruce. I need you for a video shoot,’ Karen clarified.

Bruce was confused, but then Karen explained that she had been approached by Brazzers, a well-known adult film production company, for a new film series called ‘All Over Your Body’. They wanted Karen to be the lead actress, but she had one condition – that it would involve Bruce as the male lead.

‘I know it’s a lot to ask, but I trust you, Bruce. I’ve seen your work, and I know you’d make it look artistic and not just a cheap porn film,’ Karen said, trying to convince Bruce.

Bruce was hesitant at first, but the idea of being intimate with Karen once again was too tempting for him to resist. He agreed to help her, and soon they were both on set, filming their first scene.

Karen watched as Bruce passionately kissed her, just like they used to do in their early days of marriage. She could feel the chemistry between them, and it was exhilarating. As they moved on to the next scene, Karen couldn’t help but let her guard down and let herself get lost in the moment.

All Over Your Body Xwife Karen

The film turned out to be a hit, and Karen’s popularity skyrocketed. She was now the new face of Brazzers, and the films featuring her and Bruce were highly praised for their artistic approach. The media was abuzz with the news of their collaboration, but Karen and Bruce chose to keep it a secret, not wanting their new partners to know about it.

However, secrets have a way of coming out, and it wasn’t long before Mark found out about the film series. He was furious and threatened to divorce Karen if she didn’t end her association with Bruce and Brazzers.

Karen was left in a dilemma, torn between her husband and her newfound passion for acting. She finally made her decision and chose her career. Mark filed for divorce, and Karen was now a free woman.

Meanwhile, Bruce’s wife had also found out about his involvement with Karen and Brazzers. She didn’t take it lightly and demanded a divorce as well.

Just like that, Karen and Bruce were both single again. They had each other, but they still had not confessed their true feelings. It was during a break from filming that they finally opened up to each other, confessing that they were still in love.

Without hesitation, Karen and Bruce got back together, not as actors in a film series, but as lovers who had found their way back to each other. This time it wasn’t just about passion, it was about love and a second chance at happiness.

Their collaboration with Brazzers had brought them back together, and they couldn’t be happier. As they wrapped up the last scene of ‘All Over Your Body’, Karen whispered in Bruce’s ear, ‘Maybe it’s not so bad to have a little bit of Brazzers in our lives after all.’ They both laughed, knowing that their love for each other was now stronger than ever before.


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