Backdoor Delivery

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Perfect Nicole Doshi is going through a separation and moving into another condo. Miserable, horny, and desolate, when the hot movers stop by to convey enormous titted Nicole’s furnishings and boxes, something about having men in the house turns out to be excessively. So when one of the movers, Zac Wild, empties the remainder of her things, Nicole beseeches him to empty his chicken in her tight ass!

Backdoor Delivery Nicole Doshi Zac Wild Brazzers 73

Backdoor Delivery Nicole Doshi & Zac Wild Brazzers

Nicole Doshi had always been a bit of a recluse, preferring the company of a good book or her favorite TV show to that of other people. But when she found herself out of work and with a little extra time on her hands, she decided to try something new – online dating.

After a few swipes and messages, she found herself chatting with a guy named Zac Wild. He was funny, charming, and seemed to have a lot in common with her. After a few days of messaging back and forth, they decided to meet up for a drink.

Nicole was a little nervous as she got ready for their date. She had never been particularly confident in her appearance, and she couldn’t help but wonder if Zac would find her attractive. But as soon as she saw him at the bar, her nerves melted away. He was even more handsome in person, with kind eyes and a warm smile.

They hit it off immediately, talking and laughing like old friends. Nicole was having such a good time that she almost forgot about her strict rule of never bringing a guy back to her apartment on the first date. But as the night wore on and the drinks kept flowing, she found herself inviting Zac back to her place.

Nicole Doshi & Zac Wild Backdoor Delivery

As they stumbled through her front door, Nicole’s thoughts were a jumbled mess. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to kiss him or not, but she knew that she didn’t want the night to end. She offered him a drink, and they settled on the couch, chatting and laughing some more.

But as the hour grew late, the attraction between them became too strong to ignore. They started making out, their hands exploring each other’s bodies. Nicole felt a rush of excitement as Zac gently undressed her, his lips finding all of her most sensitive spots.

But as they moved towards the bedroom, Nicole suddenly remembered something – she had a package waiting for her at the back door, a delivery she had completely forgotten about. She pulled away from Zac, feeling a wave of embarrassment wash over her.

‘I’m so sorry,’ she said, ‘but I have to run and get this package. It’s from my favorite lingerie store, and I’ve been waiting for it all week. I promise it will just take a minute.’

Zac looked a little disappointed, but he nodded understandingly. ‘Of course, go ahead,’ he said.

Nicole quickly threw on a robe and hurried out to the back door, her heart racing with a mix of excitement and nerves. She had never ordered lingerie online before, and she couldn’t wait to see what was inside the box.

She opened it up, her eyes widening with delight as she saw the gorgeous black lace lingerie set inside. It was even more beautiful than she had imagined, and she knew that Zac was going to love it.

Backdoor Delivery Brazzers

She hurried back inside, eager to show him what she had found. But as she turned the corner into the living room, she suddenly realized that she wasn’t alone. There, standing in front of her, was a delivery man holding a clipboard and a small package.

‘I’m sorry to intrude,’ he said, ‘but I have a delivery for Ms. Nicole Doshi. It’s a backdoor delivery.’

Nicole’s face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realized what the delivery man must think. She quickly took the package from him, mumbling her thanks as he hurried away.

But as she turned back to the living room, she saw that Zac had a mischievous grin on his face. ‘Well, well, well,’ he said, ‘it looks like you have a bit of a secret.’

Nicole felt her face grow even hotter as she realized what Zac must have overheard. But instead of being angry or upset, he seemed excited and intrigued.

‘I can’t believe you ordered lingerie online,’ he said, his eyes sparkling with desire. ‘I had no idea you were such a naughty girl.’

Nicole felt a shiver of excitement run down her spine as Zac approached her, his eyes filled with lust. She knew that she had never been this bold or daring before, but something about Zac made her want to take risks and push boundaries.

And as she slipped into the black lace lingerie and felt Zac’s hands exploring every inch of her body, she knew that she had made the right choice in bringing him home. This was a night she would never forget.

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