Finding The Chocolate Easter Egg

Watch online Finding The Chocolate Easter Egg Elana Bunnz & Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife is the name of the latest scene at TouchMyWife.In the latest review we have Elana Bunnz who is searching for easter eggs, she likes those easter eggs and she wants to find some, she didnt know that Dickdealer Don has some and he is gonna give it to her after she does something for him, he needs her to suck his massive black cock first.

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Finding The Chocolate Easter Egg Elana Bunnz Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife

Finding The Chocolate Easter Egg Elana Bunnz & Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife

I never thought I would find love in such a peculiar way. It all started on Easter Sunday, when I stumbled upon a chocolate Easter egg with a note attached to it. The note read, ‘Find me and I will bring you love.’ Little did I know, this Easter egg would lead me to the love of my life.

My name is Elana Bunnz and I have always been a hopeless romantic. I have been searching for love in all the wrong places, never finding someone who truly captured my heart. But on that fateful Easter Sunday, everything changed.

I had just finished my annual Easter egg hunt with my family and was feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t found the golden egg this year. I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to clear my head. As I was walking, I noticed a small chocolate Easter egg lying on the ground. Curiosity got the best of me and I picked it up, noticing the note attached to it.

Without hesitation, I followed the instructions on the note and started my search for the person who left it. The note led me to a local coffee shop where I saw a man sitting alone at a table. He had a mischievous smile on his face and was wearing a shirt that read ‘Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife.’

I couldn’t help but laugh at the shirt and I knew this had to be the person I was looking for. I approached him and asked if he was the one who left the chocolate Easter egg. He looked up at me with a smirk and said, ‘Depends, are you Elana Bunnz?’

Finding The Chocolate Easter Egg Elana Bunnz TouchMyWife

I was taken aback that he knew my name, but I nodded and he handed me another note. This one read, ‘Congratulations, you found me. Meet me at the park at 3pm and I will reveal your prize.’

I couldn’t wait until 3pm, so I spent the rest of the day anxiously waiting for the time to pass. When 3pm finally arrived, I rushed to the park and saw the man sitting on a bench, holding a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

He introduced himself as Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife, but I could tell it was just a silly nickname he gave himself. We spent the whole afternoon talking and getting to know each other. It felt like we had known each other for years, and I couldn’t believe I had just met him that day.

As the sun began to set, he took my hand and said, ‘I know this may sound crazy, but I think I’m falling in love with you, Elana Bunnz.’

My heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I felt the same way about him and I couldn’t believe that a simple Easter egg had brought us together.

From that day on, we were inseparable. We went on adventures, shared our deepest thoughts and dreams, and of course, indulged in plenty of chocolate. Don was everything I had ever dreamed of in a partner and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

As our relationship grew stronger, we decided to take a trip to Paris, the city of love. It was our dream to go there together and experience all the romantic sights and sounds. On our last night in Paris, Don took me to the Eiffel Tower where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Finding The Chocolate Easter Egg TouchMyWife

Tears filled my eyes as I said yes and the Eiffel Tower lit up with sparkles, as if it was celebrating our love. It was the most perfect and romantic moment of my life.

We returned home and started planning our dream wedding. It was everything we had ever wanted and more. As I walked down the aisle towards Don, I couldn’t help but think back to that Easter Sunday when I found the chocolate egg and how it led me to him.

We exchanged our vows, promising to love and cherish each other for the rest of our lives. And as we shared our first dance as husband and wife, I knew that I had found my true soulmate.

Years went by and our love only grew stronger. We traveled the world, started a family, and created endless memories together. Don always joked that the chocolate Easter egg was the best thing he ever did for me, and I couldn’t agree more.

On our 10th wedding anniversary, Don surprised me with a trip back to the park where it all began. He had set up a romantic picnic with all of our favorite foods and as we sat and watched the sunset, he handed me a small box.

I opened it to find a gold necklace with a small chocolate Easter egg pendant. My heart swelled with love and I knew that no matter how many years went by, Don would always find ways to make me feel special and loved.

As we walked hand in hand back to our car, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I was for that little chocolate Easter egg and the love it brought into my life. It just goes to show that love can be found in the most unexpected places, and sometimes, all it takes is a simple chocolate egg.

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