Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer

Watch online Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer Jia Lissa & Lily Blossom & Hollywood Cash & Jack Rippher Blacked named scene which is arrived at Blacked.

Celebrity Jia returns for another hot inn experience. This time, she brings her h companion Lily along realizing the staff will know how to patch a messed up heart. Section 8 of 12. The lodging warms up on TUSHY.

Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer Jia Lissa Lily Blossom Hollywood Cash Jack R 69

Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer Jia Lissa & Lily Blossom & Hollywood Cash & Jack Rippher Blacked

The eight episode of Hotel Vixen Season 2 opens with the beautiful and sultry Jia Lissa lounging on a plush velvet couch in the luxurious lobby of the hotel. She is dressed in a tight-fitting red dress that accentuates her curves and shows off her toned legs. She absentmindedly twirls a strand of her long, black hair as she waits for her friends Lily Blossom and Hollywood Cash to arrive.

As if on cue, the doors of the hotel swing open and in walk Lily and Hollywood, arm in arm and giggling like school girls. They spot Jia immediately and make their way over to her, their heels clicking against the marble floor.

‘Jia, darling! We’re so glad you could make it,’ Lily says, leaning down to give Jia a kiss on the cheek.

‘Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Have you two been up to any trouble yet?’ Jia asks, raising an eyebrow.

Hollywood grins mischievously. ‘Just a little bit. We ran into Jack Rippher in the elevator and he’s joining us for a drink in the bar.’

Jia’s eyes widen. ‘Jack Rippher, as in the famous movie producer?’

Lily nods. ‘The one and only. He’s here for a meeting with some of the hotel executives and we just happened to run into him. He’s absolutely gorgeous, by the way.’

The three women make their way to the hotel bar, where Jack is already seated at a table, nursing a glass of whiskey. He stands as they approach, his piercing blue eyes scanning over each of them appreciatively.

Jia Lissa & Lily Blossom & Hollywood Cash & Jack Rippher Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer

‘Ladies, you look stunning,’ he says, extending a hand to each of them in greeting.

They spend the next hour or so chatting and laughing, getting to know each other better. Jack proves to be charming and witty, regaling them with stories from his time in Hollywood. Jia finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, his confidence and charisma captivating her like a moth to a flame.

As the evening wears on, Lily and Hollywood decide to turn in for the night, leaving Jia and Jack at the bar. They continue to talk, their conversation flowing easily and naturally. Jia learns that Jack is in town to discuss a potential partnership with the hotel, one that would bring even more luxury and exclusivity to the establishment.

‘I have to admit, I’m intrigued,’ Jia tells him, her eyes sparkling. ‘I’ve never been one for the spotlight, but the idea of being involved in something so glamorous and exciting is tempting.’

Jack leans in closer, his voice dropping to a whisper. ‘Then maybe you should come with me to my room and we can discuss it further, in private.’

Jia’s heart quickens as she considers his proposition. She knows she shouldn’t, but there’s something about Jack that she can’t resist. She nods her agreement and they make their way to the elevators, their hands brushing together as they wait for their ride to the upper floors.

Once in Jack’s suite, Jia is struck by the opulence and luxury of the space. The room is decorated in rich, dark woods and plush fabrics, with a stunning view of the city skyline beyond. Jack pours them each a glass of champagne and they sit on the couch, their legs curled up underneath them as they continue to talk.

As the night wears on, they find themselves growing closer, their connection deepening. Jia can feel the tension building between them, the attraction between them palpable. And before she knows it, Jack is leaning in, his lips capturing hers in a hot, passionate kiss.

Hotel Vixen Season 2 Episode 8 Satisfied Customer Blacked

They spend the rest of the night exploring each other’s bodies, their desire for each other fueling their every touch and caress. Jia has never felt so satisfied, so fulfilled, as she does in Jack’s arms.

As the first rays of sunlight begin to filter through the curtains, Jia knows that she has to leave. She doesn’t want to, but she knows that she can’t stay. As she gets dressed, Jack watches her with a tender look in his eyes.

‘I know you have to go, but I hope this isn’t the last I see of you, Jia,’ he says, his voice low and husky.

Jia smiles, her heart swelling with emotion. ‘I hope not either, Jack. This has been a night I’ll never forget.’

And with that, she slips out of the room, leaving Jack behind with a final, lingering kiss.

As she makes her way back to her own room, Jia is unable to wipe the smile off her face. She has never felt so alive, so satisfied, as she does in this moment. She knows that she may never see Jack again, but she will always treasure the time they spent together in that luxurious hotel suite.

And as she drifts off to sleep, she knows that she will forever be a satisfied customer of Hotel Vixen.

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