Obsessive Anal Thoughts

Watch online Obsessive Anal Thoughts Jewelz Blu & Scott Nails Brazzers called video is out at Brazzers.Today we got a review with Jewelz Blu who has some sexual desires and she visits her therapist Scott Nails who is trying to help her.He asks her what is her problem all about and she explains him that she is dreaming of anal sex all the time but not only dreaming she is also thinking about it.He tells her to start think about it now and she gets horny right away.

She rubs her pussy while she imagine how she is ass fucked and Scott sees that, he is trying to make her even more horny so he can slip his dick inside her ass hole cause he got horny to and he wants a piece of her tight ass.Soon he takes out his already hard cock and he fucks her ass and Jewelz like it alot, he penetrates her ass hole like crazy and she moans like a slut and soon she cums and Scott blasts his load all over her face.

Obsessive Anal Thoughts Jewelz Blu Scott Nails Brazzers

Obsessive Anal Thoughts Jewelz Blu & Scott Nails Brazzers

Jewelz Blu’s repetitive dreams of anal sex have driven her to looking for a specialist, Scott Nails. With Jewelz’s sensual dreams making her wake up feeling horny with a wet pussy, Specialist Scott makes sense of that she’s without a doubt become worn out on ordinary sex and needs to try. Jewelz is bashful on the off chance that not humiliated by the thought, but rather Scott guarantees his patient pretty much nothing remains to be embarrassed about – it’s human instinct.

He advises her to shut her eyes and present her most recent dream to him. However, dream and reality crash as Scott’s touch permits Jewelz to recall her fantasies all the more plainly, with the blue-haired angel arriving at the understanding that Scott is the secret man fucking her in the ass in her dreams… and presently he will be the person who does it, in actuality, as well!

Obsessive Anal Thoughts Jewelz Blu Brazzers

Jewelz Blu had always been a perfectionist. She loved everything neat, organized and in its proper place. It was a trait that had served her well in her career as a successful interior designer. However, this perfectionism also extended to every aspect of her personal life, especially in the bedroom.

Her boyfriend, Scott Nails, had quickly learned that Jewelz had certain preferences when it came to sex. She liked to be in control, to dictate every move and position. And one thing that was non-negotiable for her was cleanliness.

Jewelz had an obsessive fear of germs and bacteria, especially when it came to her most intimate parts. Her mind would race with anxious thoughts every time she and Scott engaged in anal play. She would constantly worry about sanitary conditions, cleanliness, and the possibility of contracting infections.

Scott, on the other hand, wasn’t too bothered by such thoughts. He was more laid back, and the only thing that concerned him was how good Jewelz felt in his arms. But over time, he started noticing that his girlfriend’s preoccupation with sanitization was taking a toll on their sex life. They would often get into heated arguments about it, with Jewelz insisting that they do things her way, and Scott feeling frustrated and neglected.

One day, Scott came across an article in a men’s magazine about a famous adult entertainment company called Brazzers. It featured a scene starring Jewelz Blu and the very well-known male performer, Scott Nails. The article highlighted how Jewelz’s character, a successful interior designer, had obsessive thoughts about cleanliness during sex.

Scott’s curiosity was piqued, and he decided to look for the scene online. As he watched, he found himself getting increasingly turned on. Not just because it was his girlfriend starring in the video, but because he could see how she embodied her character’s perfectionist nature and her overwhelming need for control.

Obsessive Anal Thoughts Brazzers

He could relate to her character’s struggle to let go and fully experience pleasure without worrying about germs and bacteria. Scott knew he had to do something to help Jewelz break free from her obsessive thoughts, so he decided to surprise her one evening.

Jewelz arrived home after a long day at work to find Scott waiting for her with a picnic basket filled with strawberries, chocolate, and a bottle of her favorite wine. They had a nice dinner together, reminiscing about their early days together and how far they’ve come.

As they finished their wine, Scott led her to the bedroom, where he had set up a massage table. Jewelz’s eyes widened in surprise and excitement as she watched Scott heat up some massage oil. He gently guided her onto the table, and his skilled hands worked their magic as he began massaging her shoulders and back.

Jewelz let out a soft moan of pleasure as she felt the tension in her muscles melt away. Scott then moved down her legs and feet, making sure to pay extra attention to her toes. He knew how much Jewelz loved having her feet massaged, and it always helped her relax.

Next, he turned her over, and as he continued massaging her, he leaned in to whisper in her ear, ‘I’ve been thinking, Jewelz. Maybe I can help you overcome your obsessive thoughts about cleanliness.’

She turned to look at him, confused and a little nervous. But she trusted Scott, and she was willing to try anything to get past her anxieties.

Jewelz Blu & Scott Nails Brazzers

Scott then retrieved a feather from the nightstand and began gently tracing it over her skin, starting from her neck and moving down to her breasts. As he teased her nipples with his tongue, he used the feather to tickle her stomach and thighs.

Jewelz felt her body relax more and more with each touch, and she realized that she wasn’t worrying about germs or bacteria. Her mind was solely focused on the sensations, and it was incredibly exhilarating.

Scott then slowly made his way down to her legs, caressing and kissing every inch of her skin. By the time he reached her feet, she was in a state of pure bliss, and she had completely forgotten about her obsessive thoughts.

As they made love, Jewelz felt free, uninhibited, and utterly fulfilled. And as she finally let go of her anxieties and embraced the moment, she realized that the thought of germs and bacteria no longer had any power over her.

From that day on, Jewelz and Scott explored their sexuality in a whole new way. They no longer had arguments and power struggles over cleanliness and control. Instead, they both learned to let go and enjoy the pleasure of being together without any inhibitions.

And as they lay in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow, Jewelz couldn’t help but feel grateful to Scott for helping her overcome her obsessive thoughts and for introducing her to a new level of intimacy and pleasure.


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