Open House Nerds Fame-Fuck Their Idol

Watch online Open House Nerds Fame-Fuck Their Idol Angela White & Violet Myers & Xander Corvus Brazzers called video is arrived at Brazzers.

Violet Myers and Xander Corvus come to a land open house for a tomfoolery and peculiar date; Violet before long understands that one of her number one hot web symbols (Angela White) is there, as well! Xander brazenly moves toward Angela (to Violet’s awed shame), who answers by sucking his fat rooster in that general area on the lounge chair!

Violet can barely handle it. Angela makes the move to the room, and Violet can’t resist the urge to follow the fucking confusion. The young ladies compromise taking Xander’s rooster and eating each other’s eager pussies. Covering Violet’s face, tits, and glasses with cum, Xander acknowledges they’re leaving a wreck for the dealer. Makes no difference either way! Real estate agents know that a “resided in” house generally sells rapidly. What might be said about a “screwed ready” house?

Open House Nerds Fame Fuck Their Idol Angela White Violet Myers Xander Corvus Brazzers

Open House Nerds Fame-Fuck Their Idol Angela White & Violet Myers & Xander Corvus Brazzers

As the long-awaited annual open house event approached at the local community college, three best friends, Mark, James, and Alex, were counting down the days with great excitement. The trio had been inseparable since high school, and they shared a common love for one thing – porn. They were known as the ‘open house nerds’ among their peers because they religiously attended every open house event at the college, especially for the chance to meet their favorite porn stars.

This year, they had their sights set on the famous Brazzers porn production. Their ultimate goal was to meet their idols, Angela White and Violet Myers, and if possible, even get a chance to ‘fame-fuck’ them. This term was coined by the trio, and it referred to the fantasy of having sex with a famous porn star and bragging about it to everyone.

On the day of the open house, the trio arrived at the college campus early, dressed to impress. They were determined to make their dream a reality. As they wandered around the campus, they heard the buzz of excitement surrounding the Brazzers booth. Without hesitation, they made a beeline towards it and were immediately greeted by a group of beautiful women, dressed in skimpy outfits, promoting the Brazzers brand.

Mark, James, and Alex’s hearts raced with excitement as they saw Angela and Violet standing at the center of the booth, surrounded by a group of adoring fans. The trio knew that this was their chance, and they couldn’t afford to miss it. Pushing through the crowd, they finally reached the front of the line, where their idols were signing autographs and taking pictures with their fans.

Open House Nerds Fame-Fuck Their Idol Angela White & Violet Myers Brazzers

As they waited for their turn, James nervously checked his appearance in his phone’s camera, while Mark and Alex exchanged anxious glances. Finally, it was their turn, and they couldn’t believe their luck. Angela and Violet smiled warmly at them, asking their names and making small talk. The trio was star-struck, but they managed to compose themselves long enough to ask for a picture with their idols.

As they posed for the picture, Mark jokingly whispered to Angela, ‘We’re your biggest fans, and we would do anything to get a chance to ‘fame-fuck’ you.’ Angela chuckled and replied, ‘Well, anything is a big word, but let’s see what you’ve got.’ With that, she handed them a small card with her number written on it and whispered, ‘Text me later, and we’ll see where this goes.’

Mark, James, and Alex were over the moon. They couldn’t believe that their fantasy might actually become a reality. They spent the rest of the open house event trying to act cool and not reveal the huge news to anyone. As soon as they left the campus, they immediately texted Angela, and to their surprise, she replied, saying she was free that night and asking them to meet her at a nearby bar.

The trio couldn’t contain their excitement as they arrived at the bar that night. Angela was already there, sitting on a barstool and looking even more stunning than they remembered. She welcomed them with a warm smile and a hug, and they couldn’t help but feel a little nervous in her presence.

Open House Nerds Fame-Fuck Their Idol Brazzers

As they sat down and ordered drinks, Angela could feel their nervous energy and decided to put them at ease. She asked them about their lives, how they became fans of Brazzers, and what they did for fun. The trio eagerly shared their passion for porn, and Angela was impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm.

As the night went on, the conversation flowed easily, and the drinks kept coming. Angela and the trio were having a great time, and the sexual tension was palpable. It was clear to her that the trio was more than just fans, and she couldn’t resist their charm any longer. With a mischievous grin, she suggested they take the party back to her place.

The trio eagerly agreed, and before they knew it, they were in Angela’s luxurious home. It was like a dream come true for them, and they couldn’t wait to explore every inch of her body. As they settled on the couch, Angela turned on some mood music and started to undress, revealing her perfect body to the trio.

Mark, James, and Alex were in awe, and they couldn’t believe that this was happening to them. Without hesitation, they began to ‘fame-fuck’ their idol, taking turns pleasuring her and proving their skills in the bedroom. Angela was impressed by their passion and eagerness to please her and gave them the night of their lives.

As the sun rose, the trio left Angela’s house with huge smiles on their faces. They couldn’t wait to tell everyone about their unforgettable night with their idols, and it became the talk of the college for weeks to come. The open house nerds had finally achieved their ultimate dream, and it was all thanks to their determination and love for porn. From that day on, they were no longer just fans, but also friends of Angela and Violet, and they continued to attend every open house event, always hoping for another chance to ‘fame-fuck’ their idols once again.


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