Private Showing

Watch online Private Showing Jade Maris & Parker Ambrose Deeper called scene which is out at Deeper.

At a sensual show, a youthful workmanship lover ends up being the most dazzling fascination.

Private Showing Jade Maris Parker Ambrose Deeper 64

Private Showing Jade Maris & Parker Ambrose Deeper

Jade Maris and Parker Ambrose had been friends since childhood, growing up together in the small town of Willow Creek. They had always been close, but as they grew older, Jade couldn’t help but notice that there was something more between them. She had feelings for Parker that went beyond friendship, but she was too afraid to tell him.

One day, Jade received an invitation in the mail to a private showing at the local art gallery. She was surprised to see that Parker’s name was on the envelope as well. She couldn’t imagine why he would have been invited, but she was excited to spend an evening with him, looking at beautiful art.

The night of the private showing arrived, and Jade dressed in her best dress, feeling nervous and excited. When she arrived at the gallery, she saw Parker standing by the entrance, looking handsome in a suit and tie.

‘Jade, I’m so glad you could make it,’ he said, smiling at her.

They made their way through the gallery, admiring the paintings and sculptures. Jade couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that Parker didn’t seem to be paying her any special attention. She tried to push her feelings aside and enjoy the evening.

Jade Maris & Parker Ambrose Private Showing

As they were leaving the gallery, Parker turned to Jade.

‘There’s something I want to show you,’ he said, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

Jade followed him to a small room in the back of the gallery. Parker opened the door, and Jade’s breath caught in her throat. The room was filled with paintings that she had never seen before, each one more beautiful than the last.

‘These are my own paintings,’ Parker said, a hint of pride in his voice. ‘I’ve been working on them for months, and I wanted to share them with you.’

Jade was stunned. She had no idea that Parker was an artist. She looked at the paintings, each one telling a story of love, loss, and longing. She felt a deep connection to them, as if they were speaking to her soul.

‘Parker, these are amazing,’ she said, turning to him with tears in her eyes. ‘I had no idea you were so talented.’

Parker looked at her, his eyes filled with emotion.

‘There’s something else I want to share with you,’ he said, taking a deep breath. ‘I’ve loved you for a long time, Jade. I’ve been too afraid to tell you, but I can’t keep it inside any longer.’

Jade’s heart skipped a beat. She had waited so long to hear those words, and now they were finally being spoken.

‘I love you too, Parker,’ she said, her voice shaking with emotion.

Parker took her in his arms, and they kissed, their bodies melting together. It was a moment that Jade had dreamed of for years, and it was even more magical than she had imagined.

From that day on, Jade and Parker were inseparable. They spent their days exploring the beauty of Willow Creek, and their nights sharing their deepest thoughts and dreams. They were two souls, connected by a love that was deeper than the ocean and higher than the stars.

Private Showing Deeper

As they walked through the gallery, hand in hand, Jade couldn’t help but feel grateful for the private showing that had brought them together. It was a moment that they would cherish forever, a reminder of the love that they shared.

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