Selina Bentz in Step Daughter Has Issues Part 4

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Selina Bentz paced back and forth in her living room, biting her nails nervously. Ever since she had received the news that her husband, Luke Longly, had a daughter from a previous relationship, she couldn’t shake off the feeling of unease.

Selina Bentz in Step Daughter Has Issues Part 4 Selina Bentz Cory Chase Luke Longly Tabooheat

Selina Bentz in Step Daughter Has Issues Part 4 Selina Bentz & Cory Chase & Luke Longly Tabooheat

It had been three months since Selina found out about Cory Chase, a rebellious 17-year-old who was going to be a part of their family. At first, Selina had welcomed the idea of having a stepdaughter, someone she could bond with and be a mother figure to. But as the days passed, she realized that Cory was not just any ordinary teen.

Selina’s fears were confirmed when Cory arrived at their doorstep, with a cigarette in one hand and a beer can in the other. Selina was taken aback by Cory’s rebellious and rough demeanor. It was clear that she was going to be a challenge.

As days turned into weeks, Selina tried her best to bond with Cory. She took her shopping, to the movies, and even tried to involve her in family dinners. But Cory seemed uninterested in all of it. She would often disappear for hours, only to come back reeking of alcohol and cigarettes.

Luke, on the other hand, tried to be the understanding father and gave Cory the space she needed. He would often take her to football games and play video games with her. But even his efforts were met with resistance and coldness from Cory.

Selina was at her wit’s end. She couldn’t understand why Cory was acting this way. She had never been married before and wasn’t sure how to handle this situation. To make matters worse, her relationship with Luke was starting to suffer as he was always trying to please Cory and not paying much attention to Selina.

Selina Bentz in Step Daughter Has Issues Part 4 Selina Bentz & Cory Chase Tabooheat

One evening, Selina decided to confront Cory about her behavior. She found her sitting on the porch, smoking a cigarette.

‘Cory, can we talk?’ Selina asked, sitting next to her.

Cory rolled her eyes, but reluctantly nodded.

‘I know it must be hard for you to adjust to this new family, but I just want you to know that we’re here for you. We want to make this work,’ Selina said, trying to be sincere.

‘You don’t get it, do you? I don’t want to be a part of this perfect little family. I didn’t ask for a stepmother or a perfect father. I can take care of myself,’ Cory snapped, stubbing out her cigarette.

Selina was taken aback by Cory’s harsh words. She could see the pain and hurt in her eyes.

‘I’m not trying to replace your mother, Cory. I just want to be there for you, as a friend and a mother figure,’ Selina said, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Cory looked at Selina for a long moment before finally breaking down in tears. She poured her heart out, telling Selina about the struggles she faced growing up without a mother, and how she hated being tossed around from one home to another.

Selina listened intently, realizing that all this time, she had misjudged Cory. She regretted not being there for her and vowed to make things right.

Selina Bentz in Step Daughter Has Issues Part 4 Tabooheat

The next day, Selina surprised Cory with tickets to a football game. It was something they both enjoyed, and Selina hoped it would be a bonding experience for them.

The game turned out to be a success. They both cheered on their favorite team, yelled at the referees, and laughed at the people around them. For the first time, Selina saw a smile on Cory’s face, and it made her heart flutter.

As they drove back home, Cory thanked Selina for the amazing day.

‘Thanks, Selina. I never expected you to be this cool and understanding,’ Cory said, with a hint of a smile.

‘I’m sorry for judging you, Cory. I just want you to know that I care about you, and I’m here for you,’ Selina replied, sincerely.

From that day on, Selina and Cory’s relationship improved drastically. They spent more time together, and Selina even helped Cory with her schoolwork. She made an effort to understand her, and Cory appreciated the love and care she was receiving from her stepmother.

A few weeks later, it was Selina’s birthday, and Cory wanted to do something special for her. She got help from Luke and together they surprised Selina with a cake and a beautiful necklace.

Selina Bentz & Cory Chase & Luke Longly Tabooheat

Selina was touched by the gesture and hugged Cory tightly.

‘Thank you so much, sweetheart. This is the best birthday gift ever,’ Selina said, wiping away tears of joy.

From that day on, Selina and Cory formed a strong bond. Selina had become the mother figure Cory never had, and she was grateful for that. Their relationship had also improved Luke and Selina’s marriage, as they were now a united front in raising Cory.

Cory’s attitude and behavior had also improved. She was no longer the rebellious teenager she was when she first arrived. She had found a family that loved her and accepted her for who she was.

As Selina looked back on the past few months, she realized that the challenges and struggles they faced were worth it. She had gained a daughter and a family, and she couldn’t have been happier.

From that day on, Selina Bentz and Cory Chase became inseparable, and their story of love, acceptance, and belonging became an inspiration for many.

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