Suited And Booty

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Blonde Sophie Reade is embellished in dark, lacey undergarments. Her enthusiastic tits and huge, round ass have never looked so great. Horny Sophie has been longing for being screwed the entire day, however only one dick will not do. Enter Danny D and Xander Corvus, who are pressing precisely very thing Sophie is searching for. Danny and Xander alternate filling her wet, tight openings, making Sophie shout out in euphoria. Xander fills Sophie’s astounding pussy with his cum, before Danny plunges in and covers her dazzling face in his tacky burden!

Suited And Booty Sophie Reade Xander Corvus Danny D Brazzers

Suited And Booty Sophie Reade & Xander Corvus & Danny D Brazzers

Just like any other night, Sophie Reade was heading to the casino with her best friend, Xander Corvus. They were both dressed to the nines, ready for a night of gambling, drinks, and excitement. Sophie wore a gorgeous red dress that hugged her curves in all the right places, paired with a pair of killer heels. Xander, on the other hand, sported a classic black suit that made him look like a million bucks.

As they walked through the glitzy entrance of the casino, Sophie couldn’t help but feel a sense of thrill and adrenaline rush through her. She loved the atmosphere of casinos, the sound of slot machines, and the sight of people trying their luck at the tables. Xander, on the other hand, was a seasoned player and often won big at the end of the night.

They found their way to the roulette table, and Sophie placed her bets, feeling lucky. However, luck would not be on her side that night as she lost round after round. Xander, on the other hand, seemed to be winning big with every spin of the wheel. Sophie couldn’t help but feel a little jealous but was happy for her friend’s good fortune.

After a few more rounds, Sophie decided to take a break and head to the bar for a drink. As she was sipping on her cocktail, a tall and handsome man approached her. ‘Excuse me, miss, but may I have the pleasure of buying you a drink?’ he asked with a charming smile.

Suited And Booty Sophie Reade Brazzers

Sophie couldn’t help but be taken aback by this handsome stranger. She smiled and accepted his offer, curious to see where the night would take her. They struck up a conversation, and Sophie was immediately drawn to his charm and wit. She found out that his name was Danny D, and he was a high-rolling businessman who frequented the casino often.

As the night went on, Sophie and Danny became quite friendly, and he even joined her and Xander at the roulette table. Sophie found herself winning more when Danny was by her side, and she couldn’t help but feel grateful for his company. Xander, being the good friend that he was, gave Sophie his blessings and headed off to the blackjack table on his own.

Sophie and Danny continued to have a great time together, and as the night drew to an end, Danny asked Sophie if she would like to continue their evening back at his luxurious penthouse suite, to which she eagerly agreed. They bid farewell to Xander and headed to Danny’s penthouse.

As soon as they arrived, Danny wasted no time in making a move on Sophie. His hands were all over her, and his lips sought hers hungrily. Sophie was taken by surprise but couldn’t deny that she was also feeling an intense attraction towards him. They ended up in the bedroom, and things started to heat up between them.

As they were in the midst of passion, Sophie’s phone rang, interrupting the intimate moment. It was Xander, and he sounded frantic. ‘Soph, I need your help. I’ve been cheated out of all my winnings, and I have no idea what to do,’ he said in a panic.

Suited And Booty Sophie Reade

Sophie’s heart sank, knowing how much winning meant to Xander. She quickly collected her belongings and rushed to the casino with Danny in tow. As they arrived, they found Xander surrounded by a group of angry men, who were accusing him of cheating.

Danny stepped in, using his smooth talking skills, and managed to diffuse the situation. He convinced the men that Xander was an honest player and that they must have mistaken him for someone else. The men begrudgingly let Xander go, and he was relieved to be saved from any potential harm.

Xander was overwhelmed with gratitude towards Sophie and Danny, and he couldn’t thank them enough for their help. He offered to pay for their expenses for the night, but both Sophie and Danny declined, knowing that the most important thing was that Xander was safe.

As they bid goodbye, Xander promised to never let Sophie and Danny forget how grateful he was for their help. Despite the chaotic end to their night, Sophie couldn’t help but feel like it was an adventure she would never forget. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have met two incredible people in one night.

Sophie Reade & Xander Corvus & Danny D Brazzers

As Sophie and Danny made their way back to the penthouse, they couldn’t deny the spark that had ignited between them. They ended up spending the rest of the night talking and getting to know each other better. By morning, they both knew that they had found something special in each other.

From that day on, Sophie and Danny were inseparable. They continued to frequent the casino together, winning big and enjoying each other’s company. They quickly became known as the power couple of the casino, and no one could beat them when they were together.

As for Xander, he became an honorary member of their group, and the three of them remained the best of friends. They often laughed about the night they met, and how one unexpected turn of events led to a lifetime of happiness for all of them.

Sophie never could have imagined that a night at the casino would change her life forever. She had always been a believer in fate, and now, it was clear to her that sometimes, the most unexpected and random encounters can lead to the most beautiful and exciting adventures.


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