Twinz Always Win

Watch online Twinz Always Win Litty Britty & Badassbrannn & Manuel Ferrara Brazzers called scene arrived at Brazzers.

Twinz Always Win Litty Britty Badassbrannn Manuel Ferrara Brazzers

Twinz Always Win Litty Britty & Badassbrannn & Manuel Ferrara Brazzers

Litty Britty is a thick curvy cutie. Her bestie, Badassbrannn, is a bad-girl, sexy little thang. The twins were on their way to meet up with friends for a weekend at a cabin in the woods when their car broke down. They were in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t anyone around for miles, until they saw the lights coming their way. The twins thought that maybe someone was there to help them, but that wasn’t the case at all.

It turned out to be Manuel Ferrara. He was an ex-military survivalist who lived deep in the woods and liked it that way. It had been a long time since he’d seen a woman, especially two such fine chicks. It was like a Christmas miracle for the three of them.

Badassbrannn wasn’t as scared as Litty Britty. She wanted to give Manuel a chance to see how good he could be. But Litty Britty was worried, because Manuel looked a little scary, but when she saw what was in his pants, things changed.

Soon Manuel had the girls back at his place and he had both of their clothes off and was taking turns fucking each of their sweet little pussies. Manuel loved the way they both screamed when he fucked them. Their bodies shook with pleasure, and they both begged him for more. Manuel had them both, over and over again. Litty Britty even ate her friend’s pussy while Manuel fucked her. It was a magical night that none of them would ever forget.

Twinz Always Win Litty Britty & Badassbrannn Brazzers

Manuel DP is the sequel to the movie Twinz Always Win, only this time Manuel DP is added to the mix.

This is the first time ever that Manuel has done a 3-way scene. Manuel’s first two scenes are with the thick curvy cutie, Litty Britty, and the bad-girl, sexy little thang, Badassbrannn, the twin hotties from the movie, Twinz Always Win. The girls are back and they’re hornier than ever.

Litty Britty and Badassbrannn have been talking about getting fucked by Manuel Ferrara. They have never felt the size of a real man’s dick before, and they can’t wait. The girls have been thinking about him ever since their last encounter. They want to make sure that the second time is even better than the first. Manuel is always looking to try something new. This will be his first 3-way.

Badassbrannn wants her best friend to have a piece of Manuel, so she tells him to fuck her. Manuel agrees. He takes Badassbrannn to his bed and puts her on her back. Manuel fucks her so hard and fast that her head goes through the headboard.

Twinz Always Win Brazzers

Litty Britty gets upset. She thinks her friend has taken her turn and she didn’t even get to cum yet. She tells Manuel that she wants a turn. Manuel doesn’t disappoint. He puts her on her back and starts fucking her just like he did her friend. Manuel fucks her hard, then he tells her to lick her best friend’s pussy while he fucks her.

She is a little shy, but she does it anyway. She starts licking her friend’s pussy while he’s fucking her. Manuel thinks that the girls look so hot that he can’t hold back anymore. He fucks Badassbrannn even harder and faster. Then he fucks Litty Britty. The girls love it. Manuel makes sure to fuck both of their sweet pussies, before they leave, but not before he makes them lick his cum up off the floor.

A big, fat cock is the best gift a girl could ever get, but a big, fat cock that can fill up a pussy and make her scream is even better. Brazzers has lots of cocks and lots of screaming women. The videos are filled with hot babes who love getting their pussies stretched wide open.

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