Wife Likes Losing Bets

Watch online Wife Likes Losing Bets Kelsey Kane & Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife named scene which arrived at TouchMyWife.

At the point when you win a bet, you don’t anticipate that the award should be another stud to screw your significant other. In any case, this is precisely exact thing Kelsey Kane’s significant other needs when she loses a bet to him. Kelsey needs to go get a person she enjoys and persuade him to return to their room and screw her. Kelsey is a provocative youthful hotwife and recognizes her stud not too far off in the parking garage. He is Dickdealer Wear and she draws him in by requesting touring exhortation.

Wear consents to go to their space to assist them with looking into places on the web, however when he arrives – Kelsey has unmentionables spread out on the bed. Wear quickly comprehends what he is strolling into and is absolutely down to screw this hotwife. Kelsey changes into her provocative undergarments and Wear respects her tight body. Kelsey maintains that her significant other should look as she adores Wear’s fat cock.

He drives it into Kelsey from behind, extending her tight pussy out. It doesn’t take long for Kelsey to begin cumming on Wear’s chicken before her significant other. Wear pounds this horny hotwife while she shouts to be screwed more enthusiastically. Kelsey has different climaxes from being went through by this more abnormal and afterward Wear dumps his heap all around her enthusiastic little tits!

Wife Likes Losing Bets Kelsey Kane Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife 86 1

Wife Likes Losing Bets Kelsey Kane & Dickdealer Don TouchMyWife

Kelsey Kane was a woman who loved the thrill of competition. She was an avid gambler and loved to put her skills to the test. Whether it was at the casino, playing poker with her friends, or betting on sports, Kelsey was always up for a challenge.

Her husband, Dick, was not a fan of her gambling habits. He had seen firsthand how addictive and dangerous gambling could be, and he didn’t want to see Kelsey fall down the same path. But no matter how much he warned her, Kelsey just couldn’t resist the allure of the bet.

One day, Kelsey came home with a huge smile on her face. ‘Honey, you won’t believe it! I just met the most amazing poker player at the casino. His name is Don TouchMyWife, and he’s a legend in the gambling world. He’s agreed to play a game of poker with me tonight, and I just know I’m going to win!’

Dick was skeptical, but he didn’t want to rain on Kelsey’s parade. ‘Just be careful, okay? And don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.’

Kelsey Kane & Dickdealer Don Wife Likes Losing Bets

Kelsey nodded, but Dick could see the excitement in her eyes. She couldn’t wait to go up against Don TouchMyWife and prove that she was just as good as he was.

That night, Kelsey and Dick made their way to the casino. They found Don TouchMyWife sitting at a table in the back, surrounded by a group of admirers. Kelsey introduced herself, and Don smiled warmly at her. ‘Ah, the famous Kelsey Kane. I’ve heard a lot about you. Are you ready to put your skills to the test?’

Kelsey nodded, and the two of them sat down at the table. The game started off slowly, with small bets being made on each hand. But as the night went on, the stakes got higher and higher.

Dick watched from the sidelines, his heart racing as he saw Kelsey and Don go head to head. He could see the determination in Kelsey’s eyes, and he knew that she wasn’t going to back down.

But then, something unexpected happened. Don started to win. Hand after hand, he managed to outsmart Kelsey, taking her chips and leaving her with less and less.

Wife Likes Losing Bets TouchMyWife

Kelsey was shocked. She had never been beaten like this before, and she didn’t know what to do. But instead of admitting defeat, she doubled down. She started making riskier and riskier bets, convinced that she could still come out on top.

But it was no use. Don TouchMyWife was just too good, and Kelsey lost every penny she had.

Dick was furious. He couldn’t believe that Kelsey had let herself get carried away like this. He stormed over to the table and demanded that Don give Kelsey back her money.

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